Short course



  1. Viscosity and other rheological properties: measurement and applications

Duration and location

   This short course lasts three days and is offered annually in the GReo facilities, in Gávea’s PUC-Rio campus, in Rio de Janeiro. The next will occur on July 04-06, 2018.

who should attend

     Process engineers, product engineers, chemists, and graduate students that are involved with non-Newtonian fluid mechanics (suspensions, emulsions, polymeric liquids, etc.) in their professional activities. The course covers topics of interest to professionals who work in different industrial sectors, such as petroleum, plastics, paper, foods, paints, cosmetics, personal and home care, and many other. 


     The course aims at presenting the main properties that characterize the mechanical behavior (i.e. rheological properties) of materials that occur often in the industrial sectors of petroleum, plastics, paper, paints, food, cosmetics, among other. These properties are initially defined and then their importance in industrial processes is emphasized through examples. Subsequently, the theory of the usual measurement techniques of these rheological properties is discussed in detail. Comprehensive lectures on different advanced topics are then given. Finally, it is shown in laboratory practices how to actually measure these rheological properties and how to interpret the data correctly. 


  1. 1.Non-Newtonian phenomena in fluid flows;

  2. 2.Types of mechanical behavior: viscous, viscoplastic, and viscoelastic materials;

  3. 3.Applications in different industrial sectors;

  4. 4.Material functions;

  5. 5.Rheometry;

  6. 6.Rheology of suspensions;

  7. 7.Thixotropy;

  8. 8.LAOS;

  9. 9.Interfacial rheology;

  10. 10.Laboratory practices.


The short course will be taught by:

  1. -Márcio Carvalho, PUC-Rio

  2. -Mônica Naccache, PUC-Rio

  3. -Paulo R. de Souza Mendes, PUC-Rio

In addition, the laboratory practices will be given by PhD and MS students of the Graduate Program of the GReo-DEM-PUC-Rio. The lectures will be given in Portuguese.


   The registration fee is R$1200,00 for professionals and R$300,00 for students registered in regular graduate or undergraduate programs. For registering please fill out the form and send it to The reduced fee for students is conditioned to the presentation of proof of this condition. In the case of cancellation due to an insufficient number of attendees, there will be a full refund of the fee.