Welcome to GReo


The Rheology Group (GReo) of PUC-Rio was founded in 1995 to fill the need for scientific research potentially useful in industrial applications. Its main goals are:

  1. to train highly qualified personnel, both at graduate and under-graduate level, and

  2. to conduct scientific research potentially useful in industrial applications.

It is composed of highly qualified personnel, including faculty, research engineers, technicians, and students at undergraduate and graduate levels (MS and PhD).

The GReo activities include the development of research projects on important scientific and technological challenges, which deal mainly with flows of non-Newtonian fluids such as polymeric liquids (polymer melts and polymeric solutions), suspensions (e.g. pastes, muds, cements), emulsions (e.g. water-in-oil, mayonnaise) and foams.

These research projects aim at contributing to the advancement of knowledge that is needed for removing technological barriers which hinder the improvement of industrial processes.

GReo has laboratories equipped with modern rheometers and many other last-generation equipment.  Its clients are PETROBRAS, Shell, Vale, among many others, to whom it serves in short-term interactions (analysis of industrial problems, rheological characterizations, property measurements, instrument calibrations) and in long-term interactions (research projects).

About GReo